Tucson Fine Art appraisalsThe Fine Art Appraisal Process- A breakdown of what goes into evaluating a work of art.

So what all goes into carrying out a proper fine arts appraisal and how do we break our fees down (call for our fees). To explain this I have detailed below what work generally goes into an appraisal. Additionally, under USPAP (Uniform Standards of Personal Appraisal Practice) we are required to explain what type of appraisal it is, list our data resources, explain how the appraisal is to be used and by who, the date it was performed and among additional information, we must certify the appraisal disclosing a series of statements that we have to adhere to.

Please call us if you have any other questions.

The appraiser base fee includes the following:

I: Fine Art Evaluation

  • Trip to artwork location or in the Gallery
  • Travel within a 25 mile range if required
  • All long distance phone calls in US or Abroad
  • Research Library maintenance & upkeep
  • Internet data base annual multiple subscriptions
  • Photography
  • Appraisal printing and binding
  • Appraisal mailing expense
  • File Maintenance (copy of client appraisal and appraisal notes/photographs stored for minimum of five (5) years)

painting-midsummer-twilightII: RESEARCH (includes)

  • Identification of artist and pertinent information
  • Identify title and time period of work if possible
  • Check reference library for supporting information
  • Access Art data sites that we subscribe to & others
  • Access Gallery websites
  • Contact Galleries and or Museums if needed
  • Check International auction sales data and prices
  • Check retail Gallery prices if required
  • Copy and or record pertinent information found
  • Locate similar or like items to establish values

artist-burr-281-whirlwind-dead-mountains-mohave-desert-2-aIII. Administrative & Assemble all data and information ANALYSIS (includes)

  • Analyze values of various comparable works & make conclusions and record findings
  • Prepare and produce appraisal
  • Take to printers for copying and binding of original
  • Assemble all that goes with an appraisal (cover letter, qualifications sheet and specialty information)
  • Mail if requested

If you have questions regarding a piece of fine art for appraisal, walk-in during hours of operation and by email courtesy evaluations of works are available to determine if an appraisal is indeed required.

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